Dear Friends, We need your help. HeavenBound is embarking on a new project, The Best of HeavenBound. We are so excited about this new CD project. This CD will include sounds that have been heard in live performances but not put on wax. There will also be some revamping of old favorites. As you may or may not know, HeavenBound has received a lot of acknowledgement for our first CD. However, many of you do not know that the CD was only a portion of HeavenBound’s repertoire. We are excited about the music that God has inspired us to write and share with you. Now, you ask, what do we need from you? We are seeking contributions toward this next CD project. Those who make a minimum contribution of $5.00 will be put in a drawing for a free autographed CD and an honorable mention on their favorite HeavenBound track. Here’s how it works: All contributions must be submitted by May 30, 2011. When you submit your contribution, of $5.00 or more, submit the name of your favorite HeavenBound song. We will then place the song with the highest votes on the Best of HeavenBound CD. The winner will be drawn from the song choice that has the highest votes. The winner will be notified by June 10, 2011. We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new project. God Bless you all for the support you have shown over the years. We pray that God blesses you and your family. Pray for us as we have and will always pray for you. Please click the link below or paste it into your browser to contribute. Blessings HeavenBound